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Welcome to Breeze

Allow yourself five minutes to reflect and savor the joyful moments of the day through playing our game.

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    Reflection and meditation on our daily lives are becoming increasingly more significant tools in mental health and wellness spaces; the influx of data and the pressures of life, however, can sometimes make it difficult to feel grounded and create a routine around this. As students with busy class schedules and work, our team understands the feeling of wanting to check in with ourselves but having a hard time finding the time or energy.

    We designed Breeze to flip the script about mobile devices and internet use by creating an application that offers an accessible and individualized platform for people to engage in this daily reflection in a user-friendly and lighthearted way.


What is Breeze?

Breeze is a fun game where the users reflect upon and savor the joyful moments of their day, and ruminate on the possible setbacks. The purpose of the game is to encourage users to sit with themselves for a moment and enjoy the process of examining the day and its range of emotion and energy. The gameplay offers simple and artful side-scroller features with opportunities to collect points to be used to further customize the experience. By providing a unique journal system combined with a simple and fun series of games, users will find their daily reflection to be an accessible and pleasant experience.

How did we build it? What hurdles did we face during the process?

We developed a 2D video game in Unity by creating scenes and C+ scripts, exploring integrations with Firebase Auth, and exporting our project as WebGL to host it on We struggled to integrate Unity with Firebase Authentication due to incompatibility issues.

What did we learn from developing Breeze?

We learned to create a multi-level game in Unity and discovered new technologies that are suitable for each stage of the app development process; we learned to implement the basics of gameplay–collisions, creating and navigating between scenes, etc.

What's next for Breeze?

There are many other ideas to pursue! For one, using Spotify's API to personalize a daily song suggestion based on user input and offer monthly playlists based on the cataloged data. Another is to increase the number of mini-games and questions while developing our back-end with Firebase Realtime Database so the player can see a monthly summary of their mood fluctuations and personal growth. We are excited to expand the functionality of Breeze;

our goal is to make the user experience as pleasant and breezy as possible!


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